ASIS Foundations Annual Certification Accelerator Scholarship

The Certification Accelerator Scholarships are open to all ASIS Members in good standing. Members of Women in Security and Young Professionals Councils are particularly encouraged to apply.

The scholarship awards one free Certification exam to the recipient. After registering for the exam, if approved, registrants will have two years to take the certification test. This scholarship does not guarantee that the recipient is eligible to take the test. Test applicants must apply, be qualified, and if deemed eligible, sit for the exam. Please be sure to review the ASIS Board Certification Handbook and utilize the Self- Assessment Guide available on the ASIS certification web page.

Applicants must be committed to obtaining the certification of their choice.

 Student members, national officers, ASIS directors, and relatives of the ASIS Foundation Board of Trustees are ineligible for this award.

ASIS Certification Accelerator Scholarships sponsored by the ASIS Foundation are not transferable.

By submitting, I certify that all information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I agree that if I am selected I will proudly promote certification and the ASIS Foundation to other Chapter/Community members and security professionals