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If you are involved with Insider Threat for your organization I encourage you to read and look at this website.

The 2020 National Insider Threat Awareness Month (NITAM) will take place again this September.  Our first NITAM last Fall was a big success.
This is a free event and the materials on the website are free for download to use with your organization. 

We’ve also created a NITAM specific website to facilitate your participation. 

The website is now live and an easy place to find materials

If you have the Insider Threat Sentry App (Free) on your mobile device you should have received notification of this event yesterday.

We are particularly proud of the new animated video “Insider Threat Resilience”  This short animation highlights this year’s theme – the role of resilience in mitigating insider risk

We our honored that once again, National Counterintelligence Security Center Director and National Counterintelligence Executive William Evanina has endorsed the event.  

The Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE) will also be hosting a virtual Insider Threat Conference featuring guest speakers from Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA), Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (OUSD (I&S)), National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF), United States Coast Guard (USCG), Department of Defense Insider Threat Management and Analysis Center (DITMAC), Defense Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC), and more.  Join us for this opportunity to engage with senior leaders regarding the counter insider threat mission.

Upcoming Local/Regional Training Events

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Upcoming Webinars

World Leader in Interviewing and Interrogation Training
Over 70 Years of Excellence

We are excited to announce three new training opportunities for your association members

One-Day Virtual Training Course presented via Zoom

Our one-day virtual training program entitled, The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Positive Persuasion, addresses three primary topics: Behavior Symptom Analysis; the Behavior Analysis Interview; and, The Reid Steps of Positive Persuasion. A Study Guide will be provided for each participant. Real life videos of interviews and persuasion efforts will be shown throughout the day to illustrate the material.

If your association or agency is interested in this virtual training opportunity, please contact Joseph Buckley at or call 800-255-5747, Ext. 119.

Online Training Video
THE REID TECHNIQUE® for Telephone Investigative Interviews

In our new one-hour online video training program we detail how the core elements of the Reid Technique can be applied to telephone investigative interviews, covering the following topics: Identifying the goals of the interview; Preparation; Investigator demeanor; The structure of the interview; The opening – the introduction statement; Investigative questions; The initial open-ended question; The use of follow-up questions; Clarification questions; Direct questions; Vetting questions; Documenting the interview; Closing the interview; The evaluation of verbal and paralinguistic behavior to assess the credibility of the subject; Evaluating the subject’s attitude; The psychology of verbal behavior; Response content; Response latency; Response delivery; and, Continuity of response. Click here for details or purchase.

Our YouTube Channel
The Reid Technique Tips

We want to stay in touch, and hope that you do too. Visit our YouTube channel where we have posted a number of brief video presentations (generally 3-5 minutes) that address such topics as:
• Description of the Reid Technique
• The Core Principles of the Reid Technique
• Best Practices
• How the Courts View the Reid Technique
• There is no behavior unique to lying
• Projection and Rationalization
• The Reid P.E.A.C.E. Method of Investigative Interviews
• And many more
Follow this link and subscribe to our channel to receive all the latest video presentations.

SFBA Chapter of ASIS Online CPP Review September 10-11, 2020

For more information and registration, please go to:

For questions or comments, contact Rudy DuBord at

Presenters (All CPP) & Topics:

  • Jordan Johnson       Physical Security I          
  • Bill Stepka             Physical Security II                     
  • Colleen Gomez        Security Principles and Practices              
  • Nicholas Berberian   Personnel Security                       
  • Gordon Ladds           Business Principles                                       
  • Shaun Thivierge       Information Security                    
  • Curtis Given              Crisis Management                      
  • Erasmo Carrasco      Investigations

Additional committee members: James Richards and Terrell Brown

  • $30.00 SF Chapter Paid Members
  • $20.00 SF Chapter: Chapter Paid Members Approved to Sit at the Exam – Must send Written Proof to
  • $35.00 ASIS Members from Another Chapter or ASIS International Members
  • $45.00 Non-Members

Sacramento, CA Chapter of ASIS Online CPP Review August 25-September 22, 2020

This will cover all 7 domains of the CPP exam and will provide PowerPoints for each domain totaling over 1000 slides and over 225 study questions, PDF’s of all Standards and Guidelines, and a PDF of the Physical Security POA. This study group will set up any member to take the exam with confidence. 




The schedule for these sessions will be the following:

August 25th – Introduction / Security Principles and Practices (PART 1)

August 27th – Security Principles and Practices (PART 2)

September 1st – Business Principles and Practices / Personnel Security

September 3rd – Crisis Management

September 8th – Information Security / (Midway Review)

September 10th – Investigations

September 15th – Physical Security (PART 1)

September 17th – Physical Security (PART 2)

September 22nd – Physical Security (PART 3 if needed) / Review

Global Conferences