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This page has links, feeds and other resources that may be use to security, particularly in Southern Nevada and the surrounding area.

New ESRM Maturity Assessment Tool

The ESRM Initiative has been working on creating an ESRM Maturity Assessment tool and v1 has been released! The development team will be looking to make improvements and is looking for your feedback. Please click the link below and check it out.

If you are building an ESRM based security organization, this will help you measure its progress and identify areas for improvement.

New to the idea of ESRM? Click the link below and rate your organization against ESRM criteria. It may give you ideas for your programs or create questions.

All feedback, feature requests, and questions about ESRM and the tool can be sent to esrm@asisonline.org

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Nevada and Local Regulator Agencies

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Nevada Statutes and Local Ordinances

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John E. Reid & Associates, Inc.

World Leader in interviewing and Interrogation Training  –  Over 70 Years of Excellence

WHAT’S NEW Valuable resources for ongoing interviewing and interrogation development. These resources include our most recent Legal Updates. Read our latest NEWSLETTER which includes Reid on OXYGEN Channel’s Criminal Confessions.

INVESTIGATOR TIPS Suggestions and guidance on how best to approach various interviewing and interrogation scenarios. Our most current tips (November/December 2018) A Description of THE REID TECHNIQUE® and (January/February 2019) The Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI)

TRAINING SCHEDULE  For additional information regarding THE REID TECHNIQUE® training programs and correlating schedule, visit www.reid.com